The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Kansas City 2015, May 2-3

Phoenix Family

A stable, safe home holds enormous possibilities for a low-income family striving to create a more stable future. Too often, the families we serve are just one crisis away from becoming homeless. And, like other low-income families, they need more than housing to overcome the barriers to success. They also need services where they live. Phoenix Family provides those critical on-site services. Phoenix Family serves more than 5,000 people on any given day. We are one of only a few organizations that provide services to all low- and moderate-income populations. We serve families, seniors, and people with special needs with a full spectrum of supportive services and programs to help them learn skills and gain perspectives that make dreams of stability and hope a reality.

What new functionality we are looking for

Ideally, We would like to see a website that more clearly demonstrates what we do through integrated branding. We would like for our partners, donors and sponsors to be able to easily understand our mission, read stories about families we have helped, see images of current, past and upcoming projects of all kinds. In addition, we would like to optimize our website for search engines, integrate a blog that can be easily updated and shared, and create landing pages. We would also like to be able to recognize our sponsors and funders in unique ways. This will help us leverage increased financial support and donor engagement.

In addition, we have a strong Facebook following and are building LinkedIn and Twitter presences and would like our website to utilize those platforms as well as to easily add content to them.

How the new functionality will help

While Phoenix Family is a large organization in the number of people we serve daily, we are relatively unknown within our own community. Changing these things are just part of the plan for increasing community knowledge, but I think that they're critical. I think that donors (especially online donors) make judgements about a nonprofit based on how pulled together their online presence is and I think there are several areas where we could use help in that. Integrating a blog is critical to making our website relevant and updated as well as allow us to share the stories of who we help. It will also allow us to decentralize the work, allowing for more regular and rapid updates.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

12 Messages from Supporters

2015-04-01 12:56:59 UTC
Bettina Groh

Phoenix Family has found ways to tailor support to each site it has. No one type of support to way!
Plus new ways to help are added...such as the HIKE program.
Support is available to all from programs for chilren such as HIKE to after school to those for seniors.... and everyone in between.

2015-04-01 14:16:27 UTC
Laura Blair

I've had the privilege to work with Phoenix Family for several years now. I've always been impressed with the care they provide for low income families. The commitment and belief in what they do shines in every face of the team.

2015-04-01 17:10:22 UTC
Jessica Beha

Phoenix Family is an amazing organization that caters to its clients in so many ways. Phoenix Family truly lives up to its name , it is a family, as we all know in a family we have many role and some of us have many roles. Phoenix Family takes on many of those roles while working with their clients. I know that any help PF could receive on helping improve their website would be greatly appreciated, I know as a former employee that each worker has many responsibilities and any help would be greatly appreciated .

2015-04-01 17:11:05 UTC
Bob Groh

We have had the pleasure of being associated with Phoenix Family for a good number of years - both as volunteers and as contributors. Their web site tells you what they do, their mission, etc so I won't repeat that here. To me, PF is a group that just makes life better for people of all ages - from kids to seniors. I am proud to say that my efforts, small they may be, help in that effort.

2015-04-01 17:18:23 UTC
Keith Steiniger

I have had the pleasure of seeing the Great Work that Phoenix Family Housing provides. Their ability to provide support, guidance, assistance and direction to their communities is awesome! I believe any improvement to their website can help them improve their communications and increase awareness which will lead to more involvement and support from the community.

2015-04-01 18:53:59 UTC
Megan Pener

Phoenix Family does so much for so many people. Every day, children are taught how to improve their reading skills, given a safe place to go afterschool and often times, given the guidance from mentors when they wouldn't normally. Having a website that can communicate their mission and amazing work, will allow them to help more residents and improve the lives of so many.

2015-04-01 19:11:13 UTC
Erica Dobreff

Phoenix Family uses its website to educate, inspire and (of course) solicit help in the form of volunteers and donations... good old-fashioned cash works wonders!

The HIKE reading program, for instance, uses a great number of volunteer reading "coaches" each day at many locations, and there are never enough to fill the need. An improved website will go a long way toward enticing more help.

And the stories Phoenix tells are inspiring. An improved website will allow Phoenix to tell these stories more effectively, enabling the very dedicated staff to help youth,families and seniors in a variety of ways.

2015-04-02 14:58:26 UTC
Patrice Shumate

I was so fortunate to start my professional Social Work career as an intern with Phoenix Family. As an organization, they are ethical in their practices, deliberate in their mission, and relentless in their pursuit of improving lives and community. As service providers they are effective in their delivery of services, compassionate in client interactions, and motivated in their fight against the effects of poverty.
After completing the internship, over seven years and three states later I still maintain a connection with the organization because of the dedication and commitment I learned while I was there. The way we all communicate and stay informed has evolved and come to require the screen of a computer or mobile device. Phoenix Family will always provide quality, needed services but an updated website will help them connect with their community in ways they haven't been able in the past. More people should feel connected with Phoenix Family because when we work together to fight poverty, everyone benefits.

2015-04-02 17:33:26 UTC

I've been involved with Phoenix Family for 10 years, on the board for 1 year and am amazed at how much I still learn in regards to how people are served by this great organization. A better website would make a big difference in telling the Phoenix Family story.

2015-04-02 20:05:07 UTC
Ramie Orf

Phoenix Family is an incredible organization that serves thousands of people in our communities every single day. They say the people make an organization and I have to say that's the absolute truth. I have never seen a more passionate, committed and caring group of people involved in Phoenix (this includes their entire staff as well as volunteers and board members). Staff Members of Phoenix Family perform nothing short of small miracles every single day as they provide save havens, activities, basic life skills and educational tools/programs to help children, adults and seniors improve their lives and become more self-sufficient. One of the challenges Phoenix Family faces is getting their story out there. An improved website, integrated with online search engines and social media, could make such a difference in reaching the hearts of those they could help in our communities (especially Kansas City). Our city is a giving city and they just don't know about Phoenix Family and all the families served,so we need your help! Please choose Phoenix Family ;).

2015-04-03 17:50:08 UTC
Sue Denice

I am fortunate enough to get to work with the Phoenix Family team through my involvement with the Trent Green Family Foundation. The TGFF found Phoenix Family a few years ago and we have worked together to develop a reading program called HIKE (Help Instill the Key to Education) to help the kids of the Phoenix Family locations increase their reading skills. From our initial meetings with Phoenix Family they blew us away with their level of commitment and passion to help the people they serve. The entire group is so professional and they also do what they say they are going to do and then they do more and exceed our expectations.

Phoenix Family is truly an amazing organization, they do so much for so many of our less fortunate in Kansas City. They help kids, families and seniors in low-income housing learn the skills needed to reach their dreams and improve their lives. I would love for them to win this opportunity and enable them to grow their presence in Kansas City and be able to impact even more people in KC. I fully support Phoenix Family and I hope they win this golden opportunity.

2015-04-06 02:06:28 UTC
Robyn Stevens

Several years ago I wanted to find a local organization to support. During that search I interviewed several worthwhile organizations. My search stopped the minute I found Phoenix Family. That was 10 years ago and I have been an avid supporter, fundraiser, ambassador, donater every since. I love the work they do for this community. Specifically the work they do to support and help children. Whether after school programs, esteem building, reading programs - the tools these children desperately need to improve their lives.

The Kansas City community is so lucky to have such a caring organization/group of people supporting and empowering the less fortunate in our area. I am honored to support them. Rest assured they will make the absolute most of any resources that are granted to them. I've seen it again and again.

Our Mission

Our Mission to empower people living in low-income housing communities with the on-site support they need to gain stability and achieve self-sufficiency.